Pure flavor. Signed, sealed, delicious.

Meet your new best friend, the can opener. That’s because our canned seafood has such pure, natural flavor that it’s all you need to get a jumpstart on creating tasty fishcakes, salads and sandwich fillings. It’s fresh flavor, available 365 days a year in your local grocery store. Look for:

Honey Boy

  • Red Salmon (Sockeye)
  • Skinless Boneless Red Salmon (Sockeye)
  • Traditional Pink Salmon
  • Chum Salmon
  • Hardwood Smoked Pink Salmon (Skinless Boneless)
  • Traditional Mackerel

Ship Ahoy

  • Skinless Boneless Wild Fancy Alaskan Red Salmon (Sockeye)
  • Alaska Pink Salmon
  • Skinless Boneless Alaska Pink Salmon


  • Alaska Pink Salmon

Black Top

  • Alaska Chum Salmon
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