perfectly delicious

Steelhead Trout is a fish you can have confidence buying, cooking, and enjoying. Our Steelhead Trout are raised without antibiotics – that means no antibiotics are used, ever.

That’s why we love True North Steelhead Trout: because it offers flavour and versatility that is unparalleled.

What’s the Difference between trout and salmon? We’re glad you asked!

In many ways, Steelhead Trout and Salmon are similar, even coming from the same family. It is key to know the distinct features and benefits of Steelhead trout in comparison to Salmon.

Trout is a smaller fish, ideal for shortening cook times, and its flesh is a beautiful, bold red. We love the leanness of the Steelhead Trout with its firm flesh that is ideal for cooking.

From pan frying to poaching or oven-roasted, Steelhead Trout makes mealtime delicious. Steelhead trout also has a milder taste, making it approved by picky eater and foodie alike!

Raised in the USA.

Welcome to Puget Sound. Nestled along the northwestern coast of Washington state, this Pacific Ocean inlet is a place primed for pristine water and ideal fishing conditions. Puget Sound is the second largest estuary, where freshwater and saltwater merge, in the United States. This is the reason why Puget Sound is a place where life thrives. We see it in the people, in the water, and in our Steelhead Trout.