Family passion with global ambitions.

For us, fishing and farming isn’t just a business – it’s who we are. It’s an undying family passion that began when our grandparents began fishing the waters of the Bay of Fundy six generations ago. And while times have changed, our commitment hasn’t. Like our ancestors, we’re obsessed with finding better and smarter ways to bring you the very best seafood in the world.

In 1985, our family decided to take control of our own destiny by establishing Kelly Cove Salmon. What started as a humble family aquaculture company with a single marine site has grown into a global seafood leader with fully-integrated facilities, product lines and distribution networks.

In recent years, we have embarked on an aggressive plan for growth, including acquisitions and an ongoing strategic search for development opportunities. With recent acquisitions of the Wanchese Fish Company, Icicle Seafoods and Cooke Uruguay, we have further expanded our seafood assets into the wild fishery.

Our secret to producing the best farm-raised salmon, wild-caught salmon, scallops, oysters, shrimp, sea bass, sea bream, crab, and other value-added products is simple. It’s a generations-old family passion and our customers can taste the difference.

An obsession without limits.

There’s just no telling where the passionate pursuit of freshness and variety will take you. In our case, it’s led us to establish operations in nine countries around the globe, and harvest more than 40 species of fish.

But wherever your seafood comes from, you can be sure that it’s produced by caring people in thriving communities. We are a company of 6,000 employees. We live and work in the communities where we fish or where we farm. We bring prosperity to coastal communities and we take pride in bringing you the freshest, highest-quality seafood imaginable.


We know that it takes a village to bring you the freshest seafood, because that’s what we see every day. That’s why we’re so proud of the things we do to improve the lives and opportunities in our local neighborhoods. And while it starts with sustainable employment, it doesn’t end there – we’re always spearheading community initiatives like shoreline  cleanups, donations to hospitals and schools, and local scholarship opportunities. We know every hour we give, and every dollar we donate is an investment in our communities. It’s an investment in our neighbors and the people we live, work, and socialize with every day.